Terms & Conditions

                                          live stock terms 

we do not have live stock items are subject to be in or out of stock at any time without notice.   you can check stock by phone by calling us with the product model sku#.  you can also check live stock by emailing customer service at [email protected]  or live chat. 

                                         other forms of payments terms 

other forms of payment use the money order check out and contact customer service for bitcoin , lite coin  and Bitcoin cash.  crypto payments will take 5-7 days to process.  crypto payments are unable to be returned once converted to us dollars. your returned crypto payments will be returned under us dollar value at time of return.  same restocking terms apply.   

                            return terms 

we have a 14 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee buyer pays return shipping.  you must request an RMA refund will be given once warehouse gets your return. if you used a coupon such as freeship to get free shipping restocking fee will 25%.    

                        money order payment terms 

order will not be placed untill i have a clear release of funds due to fake money orders payments. 

make all money orders paybable to 

Brian Reynolds  106 pine ct. plymouth nc 27962 usa 

                                  check fees and terms 

Warning a fake or returned check could cost you up to $83 in fee's.  

we reserve the right to charge a $35 return check (or fake check) fee  for all orders that return unpaid.  if the debt is sent to collection a $48 collection fee will be applyed as well.  if balence not paid in 2 days all debts will be sent to collection.

                                      paypal payment terms 

paypal orders under $21 will be charged a $0.50 fee and must be processed by customer service. to use it just select money order and email customer service for an paypal invoice.  any charge backs will encure  $35 return payment $48 collection = $83 in fees plus murchendice cost then sent to collection.  charge back have no grace and are send to collection with in 24-48 hours.  

                                            store reward terms of service 

if you used any coupon codes 1-5% store credit is void.  1-5% reward store credit is only for customers who pay full price without discounts.  we reserve the right to stop , raise or lower the % reward at any time without notice.  store credit has no cash value and can not be sold or exchanged. store credit and reward void on iptv services.  store reward  credit are locked to email address on file.  

                           use of fraudlent credit card warning 

customers using a fraudlent credit card or have a back charge as a form of fraud in order to get free murchendice will be ban for life and may have legal action or collections fees will apply. any charge backs will encure  $35 return payment $48 collection = $83 in fees plus murchendice cost then sent to collection.  charge back have no grace and are send to collection with in 24-48 hours.  

                                                 tv terms of service 

free iptv services are provided as is.  paid tv servies are provided as is we only have the abilty to add and remove set top boxes. we do not own the streams or have any control over content.  content providers may change channels  avabilty at anytime without notice. use of a vpn on mag 250 is not allowed and the server may block your set top box. if you need an mag 250 reset please contact customer service.   we do not store mac #'s so you will need to provide them again if your service laps. mag tv service is limited to 1 ip addres sand 1 box anybody who abuse the service will have there servies termated and no refunds. once service is activated no refunds. 

                                            order canceling terms  

orders are sent to the warehouse between 24-48 hours of clear payment.
once orders have been sent to warehouse they are unable to be canceled and restocking fees will apply. once orders are sent to warehouse it may take 2 to 4 business days to get a tracking #. 

                                            reward system start over dates.

2018 October 1st , 2019 January 1st, April 1st , july 1st , october 1st .  If you have any of the following you are band and lose your rewards 1 A charge back , 2 A returned check payment. 

we reserve the right to ban any user at any time that makes a problem.  we reserve the right to refuse service. 

                                            we do not ship outside USA.  work around.

                                              we are not able to ship outside of usa at this time but here is a work around.   none usa customers please use  a service such as myus.com to get your packages from us.